Alinamoskoyorlova - buying a kettle

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    The doorbell rings. A customer came to the landlady of the apartment, she really needed a teapot of the very model that the girl was selling. The hostess says the price, but the woman has nothing to pay, and she begins to beg, kneeling. And now, before Mrs. Jeanne, there is no longer a shopper, but a slave, ready to carefully lick the dirty soles of beautiful black sandals. A slave diligently traverses the language throughout the Mistress's shoes, and it seems that this is not her first experience in the role of the bottom. Mistress wipes her feet on her face, leaving streaks of dirt on her skin, and then coerces him to lick the floor. For Jeanne, this is another unnecessary thing that she will throw out after she copes with her duties. Will the slave girl get the kettle for her efforts or will she leave with nothing?

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