evadevil - The Shrinking Pill

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    Location: ManyVids. You, my boyfriend, have a known gentle giantess fetish that we’ve been discussing for some time. I persuade you to swallow a shrinking pill I ordered online that will reduce you to 6 inches tall.We decide that, to begin with, I should just give you jerk off instructions and avoid touching, so as not to hurt you. The teasing slowly turns to humiliation as I grow into my newfound power, looming over you. I describe all the things I could do to you at this size. I begin to cruelly pace and demonstrate using my body how tiny you are.Per the guidelines on the bottle, you’ll return to your normal size after ejaculating but I maliciously command you to slow down your jerking. I’ve discovered a darker fetish of my own and I want to keep you small. I coldly advise you to be obedient, lest you stay small forever… or worse.