Countess Jezebeth - Look Up

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    Location: ManyVids. The minute you saw Me, you felt trapped by My eyes. They lured you in and kept you in place. You realize that it's extremely hard to break away from My stare. So I wanted to put that to the test. I drill it into you that you can't look anywhere else, that I want you to find something new inside My eyes. Slowly I start to tease you with My tits but you don't see them. You don't pay them mind. I don't mention them. They're not there. You can't look, you can't break away. Even when I take My bra down, you don't look. Even when My face is out of the screen, you close your eyes. And you will do exactly as I say because you can only listen. You can only obey. You can only be a good boy for Me.Keywords: eyes, eye contact, eye fixation, blue eyes, denial, tit denial, reprogramming, tease