Empress Mika - Questioning the Giantess

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    Location: American / USA. * This clip is perfect for those tiny little men that have a burning interest in asking a real giantess questions in which you will receive a genuine answer. I answer these questions honestly, completely in the mind set of what I really would do, if I did encounter someone so much smaller than Me, like the size of an ant. Honestly, it's not too far off from My own reality, as I am a very tall Woman. Do enjoy *Look at you down there, staring up at My towering figure! You would think by now that I would be used to seeing tiny little men like you, since I seem to run into your kind so often. But, honestly, I will never get over how hilariously tiny you truly are! It's so funny to Me to know how massive and dangerous I must look to a minuscule little creature like you! I must admit that I am very impressed by how brave you are, to come walking into My home, uninvited, when you know very well that your life could be over in an instant if I choose to "accidentally" step on you.Well, since you're here now, W/we might as well have some fun together. I want to know why you decided to risk your life, just to see Me. Is it just because you craved to gaze up at My endless perfection? Is it that you wanted to fantasize about Me covering you in My panties or some other impossible fantasy that tiny little men like you dream about? Don't be shy, tell Me why you're here. What's that? You have some questions you want to ask Me about what it's like to be a gorgeous giantess? I suppose I understand why someone as microscopic as you would be curious to know what it's like to tower over the world, so I'll humor you and answer your silly questions. But, while I do so, I am going to tease and torment you with My giantess body, to remind you of what you literally will never be able to have. And, do be sure to ask Me worthwhile questions, because there's no telling what I will do to you if I get bored...