Countess Jezebeth - Sweet on Me

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    Location: ManyVids. Custom clip, no names used."Camera framed tight on your face, eyes and mouth. Big doe eyes and glazed pouty full lips. Nose slightly red like you had been blowing it ). You are chewing gum. Bare shoulders. You are overly innocent and doe eyed, big expressive innocent eyes into the camera. You are not mad. You are innocent. Pouty. Baby faced. Big eyed. You're voice is spaced out so we can hear you're whispy breathing. "Its ok...its gonna be ok....I know you are sweet on me...I see the way you look at me. Look in my just cant look away. You want to kiss my lips.... kiss um.... you're sweet on me....there's no going back. Do you want to see my panties? Want to feel be honest they are pretty silky...and they're really shiny too...I want you to feel um... Truth make me feel things...on a deeper level..... Look in my eyes. I'm actually starting to loose my breath....You make me...shiver...I've never felt like this before.... Do you love me? I love? You cant help yourself. Cause you're mine. I want you to do something. Wear panties for me. Wear mine. Just slide into them. Go Gay for me. Can you do that? You need to be filled up. I really want you to cum. Could you do that for me? Wet sperm drenched panties...clinging to you think you jizz yourself? touch yourself....I want you to cum your panties. Go gay for me. Go gay Don't stop. Look into my eyes and cum . Just like that....yeah....just like that."