Countess Jezebeth - Drained by Shiny

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    I know that this has been your life for a very long time. Submitting, paying, ghosting, relapsing. It's a cycle that will never end especially when you're triggered. Good thing I know your triggers, good thing I know how to break you out. You're completely helpless for My shiny tits, My shiny latex. There is no other attire that is more effortlessly dominant than what I'm wearing which leaves your self completely weak and desperate to pay Me. Today, we're playing a little game. This game only has one winner that's pre determined. Can you guess who's going to win this game? I mind fuck you with My eyes, My shiny tits, My voice, dumbing you down into nothing. Every time I say the words "Shine Me," you have no other choice but to pay. You may think I'm starting you off easy at first but the more dumbed down you get, the harder you make it hurt. You're turned into a financial zombie for Me, for My dominance, for My shininess. But you'd have it no other way. Despite the danger, you just need the opportunity to SHINE ME.

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