IviRoses - Extreme public dice game

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    Location: Finnish / Wonderland. Very extreme, very long, obligated public nudity, by locking my clothes in my car and having to retrieve my car key! I start playing a dice game where the dice determines what item of clothing I have to throw out the car window (to the side of the road..) and how long I have to drive between the separated items. I also throw out a set of spare car keys in the beginning. I drive for more than 1 kilometer, almost a mile!! Then I park and use a chain to lock my hands together, so that even when I recover my clothes walking, I can´t put them back on...I lock my car keys inside the car and use a vibdator and buttplug, that make me horny and walk slowly. It takes me a LONG time to walk uphill to recover my spare car keys and I cross a lot of traffic, cars and people, trying to hide but, of course, since I´m naked , drawing a lot of attention... I start feeling desperate for locking my car and putting myself in this situation. I do stop to masturbate many times, and when I recover my keys after a LONG time, I´m so relieved I need to cum!! On top of everything, once, after many complications - things didn´t go as planned... Back to my car, I RIP and TOSS my clothes to trash. I´m out of gas and have to drive naked to the nearest gas station to ask for help and put gas without my clothes!! This is the craziest exhibitionist public adventure video yet!! Shot with a selfie stick. Ultra HD/4K version available.

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