Mandy Flores - ballbusting practice

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    Custom. No names. In the first part of the story you are walking alone in your living room. Dressed with your feminine swinging knee length skirt and heeled boots. Talking about your self-defense training and what you have to do against a man. You are standing sideways to the camera and say, that it is very effective, to knee the balls and that it is very important to do this in the right way. Then you raise your knee slowly a few times and explain that you crush the testicles with the knee against the pelvis, and then you raise your knee very swiftly, maybe 3-5 times. After this, in the second part of the video you demonstrate this with your naked victim, camera angle sideways. You show the right way to knee the balls at first very slowly. Then you raise your knee swiftly a few times to the balls - but you stop your movement, very close before you crush the scrotum. You say, that you have the power and energy to hurt him very much and put him out of action. After the fast demonstration you knee him really very hard repeatedly in his ball sack and he goes down to floor. You are really thrilled, how effective your action was, and you finished him with a few hard boot kicks to his body and balls. All shot POV. No male model.
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