SammyReiSchwarz - Shrunk, Captured, Caged AUDIO ONLY

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Cover 2 SammyReiSchwarz - Shrunk, Captured, Caged AUDIO ONLY - Full HD/MP4
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    Location: ManyVids. **ENJOY THIS 10 MIN CUSTOM AUDIO REQUESTED BY STEVIE** I'm sick and tired of my advances being rebuffed by you at work just because you "have a girlfriend." So I decide to take matters into my own hands - literally! - with the help of some fancy new shrink technology. It's too bad you spurned me, isn't it? Now you'll live out the rest of your days as my little pet man, locked in your bird cage, where I can have my way with your tiny form whenever I want. In time, I know you'll come to love it... (Keywords: Giantess, Shrink Fetish, Femdom, Cage, Pet Play, Slavery, CFNM, Humiliation, Revenge, Macro Fetish, Size Fetish, Audio Only, Erotic Audio, Encouraged Orgasm)

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