StellaSol - Birthday Bash Your Balls

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    Hey loser! Goddess wants you to perform some CBT on yourself for My birthday amusement. Your cock and balls are such a joke to Me and few things please Me more than watching you destroy them. Whille you watch I instruct you to punch your cock and balls repeatedly, proving what a pathethic moron you truly are. It's not like your dick matters anyways. What matters is Goddess and making Me happy so that I even notice that flaccid shrimp between your legs at all. Watch this clip and follow along closely because I want your cock aching for days as a reminder of who owns you. Goddess Stella is your Master and I say, NO to touching. Only punching. You will do as your told and in the end you will be denied and sent to an ice cold shower to deal with your pain and suffering. Oh, and be sure to mark this clip way up because it is My birthday month and I deserve to be paid extra for allowing you any right to beat on your cock for Me. You're welcome, stupid fucker. ;)
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