London Lix - Tricked Into Chastity

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    Hey you must be pretty excited after you got my message saying I want to try something kinky tonight. You see, I was speaking with my girlfriends and it turns out a lot of them have their guys locked up in chastity devices! It must be so hot to build up some anticipation and exercise a bit of orgasm control before I release you and let you explode. I could grind up against you, give you slow, sensual stripteases, even suck you through it until you were really throbbing. You've mentioned you're worried you jerk off too much too..this will fix that. I'll be in charge of the key so if you need release I'm right here!
    Mmm, there's a good boy. Ha! Now you've got it on I'm finally free. UGH! I am sooo glad I don't have to make up excuses not to fuck you anymore believed all that c. rap I was spewing about it being hot? Nah...I just think you need to improve as a boyfriend & I want to get my kicks elsewhere. You just don't do it for me sexually anymore...our relationship will be much better with me in charge; you'll see...

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