LongToeSally - Son Caught Caught! Pov1

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    Location: American. I have caught you so many times in the laundry room sniffing my socks and panties even jerking into them! Oh gosh what the heck? You didn't even know I knew till today! Haha I have my work uniform on. Oh I know how much you love it! I always see you eyeballing me in it! I decide to have a bit of fun with you. I have you smell my freshly workout soles lick them, I put them close up in your face. I have you stick your nose in my sweaty but crack and smell too! I did just workout and am sweaty and stinky! But apparently you LOVE that! I have you jerk your big cock for me. I also tell you if you are not good from now on, I WILL tell your dad what I saw you doing in the laundry room! Haha!! I give you a cum countdown and have you cum all up in my ass crack and big soles! Then you think after that when your all satisfied you cock workout is done... UM NO! You have to KEEP stroking and smell my ass and soles more while stroking away! I put those soles all up in your face! I have you smell that ass and pussy too! It is more than you can take so I give you another cum countdown. Haha Well, Now you really are spent!! But do I give you a break??? Hell no!! Keep on stroking! You will put that cock between my plush cleavage as I jiggle it up and down till I give you your last cum countdown, Now at last you can take a break.......Til next time!! HahahaYou want me to crawl inside your brain and make you mine? BUY this to experience the mind fuck I will put on you! The virtual reality of what it would be like to be mine! Watch Preview to get a taste of my world!Filmed with 2 cameras. BOTH are the same video doing saying same things. BUT each camera shows a different point of view. This being one of those camerasSome things that describe me, Tall, Amazon, Amazons, Big, Massive, Huge, Monster booty, thick, curvy, juicy, jiggle, ass shaking, wiggle, milf, mature, sexy, brunette, panty fetish, smooth skin, silky smooth, hour glass, real, all natural,Booty, buns, white booty, thick, round, juicy,Long Toe Sally, Mistress Stormy, mature, thongs, panties, joi, jerk off instructions, soles, long toes, foot fetish, big feet, foot joi,

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