Fantasy - Extreme Challenge!

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    CUSTOM:Here goes the extreme challenge:
    It's a forced on tiptoes scene, I want to see you stand on the balls of your feet at the highest point you can go up on your toes for the full duration. To make cheating impossible we'll need a pair of high heels with slingbacks (like your open toe heels) or ankle straps that are between 10cm and 12cm of height.
    The idea is to put thumbstacks/spikes on the heels surface, lock it in there with tape. I don't want to see or anything, the spikes are just there to prevent cheating. Those spikes will just keep you on your very tiptoes the whole time which is the goal.
    Maybe we can do it with your open toe slingbacks but I'm not sure if there's enough space at the heel area when you're op on tiptoes so try this:
    Put on those open toe slingbacks, adjust the slingbacks to the highest position, so the slingbacks are loose on your heels, now go stand on tiptoes as high as possible in your shoes. We'll need 2 centimeters of space there to make this request possible with these shoes or we'll need a bit lower heels for this request.
    Same camera views, the same tie to the bed and the same clothes, well maybe another top for a change.
    When you're done or hit the point you couldn't last any longer in any of the 3 challenges, give your boyfriend a sign. Then your boyfriend needs to place the camera on the floor with the camera view pointing at your heels in close up, then he needs to untie your handtie, so I can't see your boyfriend in the picture.
    When you are released your boyfriend must pick up the camera again and record you go sitting on the bed. Then you take off your shoes yourselves. After that I'll need you to go back standing in front of the bed and show off your freshly tortured feet for a minute. Showing foot soles, going up on tiptoes on the balls of your feet for half a minute in the highest position possible maintaining that height for 30 seconds, show front view, side view and back view of that position.
    .Maybe you could place a clock next to your standing spot, to show the viewers that you're not cheating ;)

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