Ashley Fires Fetish Clips - Cuckbitch Cocktail

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    Awww did you have a hard day at work? I bet you could us a drink? Well let me fix you a special cocktail! I know you work such long hours just to be able to take care of me. That's why I wanted to do something nice for you tonight! You know I don't let you drink so you had better make good use of this special drink you are going to get. Now tell me you are going to drink all of it? Every drop? Good! First I am going to spit into this shaker. I am going to give you lot's of my tasty salvia. But that wont be all! Here is some nice warm p for you as well! Oh I really had to go! This is going to be a tall drink for you! Bet you can't wait! Then I give a few shakes, mix it up real well! Then I pour into a martini glass. Look how inviting it is! Good color too! Still I feel like something is missing? Oh right! No Cocktail is complete without some cock and I happen to have a nice hard one here just for this occasion! I am going to suck his cock right in front of you and you will watch like a good little cuckbitch! I take it in my mouth and make him blow his wad! Right into your cocktail! I jerk every last cumdrop into you awaiting drink! That's what it needed some male sperm! Yes I think some cum will really bring out the flavor of the p and spit!. But that's really your department! Cause you will be drinking it! So you can tell me how it is! But I know you will love it! All the hard work I had to put into making it! I swish it around for you to make sure you will get the full bodied taste! Now drink up! Remember you will drink every last drop and lick it clean! You are going to love it so much! And I am going to serve you a Cocktail with a twist of cum every night! Sound good? YOU AS MY CUCKOLD WILL BE MADE TO DRINK A SPECIAL DISGUSTING COCKTAIL MADE UP OF MY SPIT AND P! AND ANOTHER MANS CUM! YUMMMY!

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