Crystal Knight - Curse of The Vampíre Queen

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    In this story, you are the Chief Vamp ire Hunter on a crusade to track down and destroy me, the gorgeous yet sinister Vamp ire Queen. Over the last six years, you have roamed the globe searching for clues to the location of your secret lair. You have slain many vamp ires in your quest, but I have always eluded you. However, the last vamp ire that you battled gave up vital information before you removed his head and tonight, at long last, you have me at your mercy! Or so I think...
    The scene opens as you enter my bedroom with deadly intent. I am neither surprised nor distressed at your arrival. Instead, I smile and offer you a drink as if I have been expecting you. You are thrown off guard by my behaviour, which only seems to further amuse me. I ask you how you like the outfit I’ve chosen for this evening’s ceremony and twist and turn to show off how it accentuates my perfect body. As I begin to count you down into trance I tease you by saying how I know that I couldn’t possibly mesmerize you since I know you have studied and memorized all the counter-spells; this count-down is just for fun!
    When I reach zero I smile at you in your dazed state and confess that I am impressed by your tenacity. In 400 years no one has ever discovered my inner sanctum. Such dedication must be rewarded! I promise to break you and turn you into my obedient and submissive slave.
    Alarmed you try to recite the counterspell and escape, but I only laugh. Who do you think wrote all those ancient spell books? The counter-spell will not work, but I offer you some mantras to recite instead.
    “Goddess Crystal is superior to me.”
    “I cannot resist Goddess Crystal.”
    “I must always obey Goddess Crystal.”
    As I lead you into sub-space I taunt you with my irresistible beauty. I explain that this entire time I have been secretly supplying you with information in order to eliminate any vamp ires that might challenge my authority. For years you had been skillfully manipulating you from behind the scenes, and now that you have destroyed all of my rivals I no longer needed a vamp ire hunter. You had not discovered my secret lair; I had summoned you!
    “You have always served me, (name used). You have always belonged to me. And now I am going to turn your secret fantasy of being owned by me into reality!”
    From there I continue to break down your resistance and teach you the ultimate pleasure of submission to a gorgeous and dominant woman. The scene concludes commanding you to beg to cum and train you to be my favorite slave!

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