Foot Soldier Plus - Candid Feet - The Position Fever Flex

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    This petite young college girl was a little on the silly side as she joked loudly about failing one of her classes. She loved to talk and chat, making it obvious as to why she was probably failing the class in the first place. She was short and thin and carried herself like a lot of the party girls from the local suburbs of my city. She had wavy blond hair and a nose ring in her right nostril. She wore a pair of short jean shorts that complimented her shapely legs and small active feet. She sat studying with a group of four friends and she was the only one who couldn't keep her shoes on. This ended up being an easy catch for me as I was able to simply sit down at an open table behind her and start recording. If you love to watch soles in the crossed ankle "position", then there is plenty of that to see here because this is her favorite pose to assume. She starts out totally barefoot after she quickly slips her feet out of her sandals and crosses them into the "position" under her chair. She does a lot of shaking, rocking, and flapping her legs as her soles wag around in front of the camera. She flexes her soles all around, stretching her toes and shifting her soles calmly. She uncrosses her ankles and steps one foot on top of the other. She smashes the balls of her feet together , interlocking her toes. She totally gives her soles away for a long time before slipping back into her sandals. It doesn't take long for one of them to drop to the floor exposing her naked soles again. She begins to grab at the empty sandal with her toes, squeezing and moving it around. She scoops up the sandal and continues to work the crossed ankle position, wiggling and twisting her foot all around as her sandal barely hangs on. She slips totally out of her sandals again and wraps one of her soles around the chair leg. She keeps her foot there for a long time, flexing and wrapping her toes around the wood. Eventually she and her friends decide to end their study session and pack up their gear to leave. I quickly slip into the nearest book isle to finally capture a perfect shot of her pretty face as she stands up to leave. She looks right into the camera for a split second, but she never seems to fully comprehend it as she quickly exits the library. 20min

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