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    Bianca and Pamela clothed in business clothing with stockings and heels are together in their office or in their bedroom and have a short talk about the many work they have still to do. They admires their new shoes to each other. Ammalia intrudes the room and she threatens the two with a Tool of Torment.. She is a rival of Bianca and Pamela and she wears business clothes, too. Bianca and Pamela lift their hands and look surprised and irritated.
    The foot worship scene with stockings, then bare feet
    Bianca and Pamela are tied and gagged and they lie in a tight hogtie on their stomach.
    They are lying close together.
    They have their feet in the hogtie parallel. Their hands are tied on their backs in this interesting palm-out-tying . Their fingers-tops are directed to the ceiling. Both of them wear still all their clothes and their heels and their stockings. The feet remain strictly parallel.
    Please make the hogtie tight, the heels of the feet should almost touch the backsites, if possible.
    Ammalia joins her desperate victims and laughs about their predicament.
    Ammalia begins play with helpless Bianca and Pamela . After checking the ropes she admires the wonderful four heels and takes them off. She begins to worship Bianca's and Pamela's tied hands, palms and fingers and feet , still stockinged soles and toes and toe nails.
    Being very thrilled about these beautiful feet Ammalia rips or cut Bianca's and Pamela's stockings to reveal these beautiful four feet and continues to worship the now bare feet, soles, toes and toenails.
    Please show plenty or close- ups of the hands and feet.
    Bianca and Pamela moan through their gags and move a little bit with fingers and rubs their feet.
    The girls cannot move much. They moan through their gags and move their fingers and try to move their feet.
    Please very close close-ups of tied hands, fingers and palms and their tied feet, soles and toes and toe-nails.
    Their hands and feet shall some times fulfil the whole screen.
    Ammalia takes off her heels and tortu---- her victims with her stockinged feet by put them on their faces. Good occasion so show Ammalia's beautiful feet on Bianca's and Pamela' s gagged vaces.

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