Goddess Jasmine Mendez - Enthusiastic Foot Worship!

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    Custom: You're sitting at the end of your bed, with socks on. The other girl is kneeling at your feet. You ask if she ready to smell your big sweaty feet.
    You take off your socks and shove them in her mouth, then tape over her mouth. You say she will need to suck all the sweat from your socks, whilst she sniffs your feet. She starts sniffing your soles and between your toes.
    During this video talk about how sweaty and smelly your feet are, that you can't believe she has such a big foot fetish and is enjoying smelling the scent of your bare feet. Also, tease her for liking big feet. At some point, you put a foot behind her head and coerce her face into ur sole.
    You smother her with your sole for at least 1 min, as you command her to just relax and inhale the scent of your big, sweaty barefoot.
    15-20 mins: You change position. You lie on your stomach and get in 'the pose' position with your feet in the air on your bed. Your head should be at the end of the bed, and your feet at the head. The model sits at the head of your bed.
    She puts her face into ur soles and sniffs them and also in between ur toes. 20-30 mins: You remove her gag and make her suck your toes and lick your soles (you should still be in the pose). You also shove your feet in her mouth, making her gag.
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    Jasmine1000 = 1000% +

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