Sticky Soles - Sexy Blonde Student Strokes My "Prop" AKA Almost Caught Again!

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    This real sexy blonde is in one of my classes and I finally got up the nerve to ask her to model for my art project. She the type that is just naturally sexy with a raspy voice and bright green eyes, nice body too. She was down to help me out between classes, she had about an hour so it was perfect. I had her meet me outside the art studio and I got that part on my phone so you get to see her body. The prop was a big hit so I decided to try it out again.
    Blondie was wearing a pair of converse with no socks when I take her shoes off their was a nice scent, not smelly a mix of sweat and canvas that smelt amazing. I think blondie knew her feet had some smell to them cause when I say she wasn't wearing socks she quickly apologizes and asks if she should've worn them, hehe.
    She has some sexy soles too and I had to get them on my cock! I get her to rub the "prop" and after a few seconds she gets the hang of it and really strokes it good. It felt fuckin amazing so amazing that I zone out at one point and stop talking. Put me in a trance! She's got some talented soles guys!
    The problem is I lost track of time and didnt realize another student had signed up to use the studio after me. Blondie strokes me to a huge load when you hear the next student knock on the door! I freaked out and had to rush to clean up as quick as possible. Luckily they didn't have a key to the studio or I would've been fucked! Very close call guys but worth it.

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