UNDER GIRLS FEET - Happy Birthday, Lizalka! 4K

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    Today is Lizalka's birthday! What is the best birthday present for such a pathetic foot bitch like her? Of course, it's sweaty stinky feet! Courtney - new gorgeous and sexy model. She has big and beautiful feet. She tells Lizalka, "I have a gift that you love. My beautiful sweaty feet. I didn't wash my feet today especially for you. I'll let you lick and sniff my dirty feet. I think you'll be happy to worship my feet. Happy birthday, pathetic bitch." Lizalka licks and sniffs dirty stinky feet, also she licks dirty well worn Converse and sniff them too. Courtney has an idea, "I want to take some photos from our little party. I will show these photos to all your friends. Maybe someone will want to join us and allow you to lick their stinky feet." (4K Version)

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