UNDER GIRLS FEET - 12 Size Feet Giantess SFX HD

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Cover 2 12 Size Feet Giantess SFX HD - HD/MP4Cover 3 12 Size Feet Giantess SFX HD - HD/MP4Cover 4 12 Size Feet Giantess SFX HD - HD/MP4Screenlist 12 Size Feet Giantess SFX HD - HD/MP4
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    Real giantess tall model Sharon. She is 6'1'' (186 cm) tall and she has huge 12US feet. She shrunk her slave girl and humiliates poor little girl. Sharon makes tiny slave girl to lick huge sweaty and dirty feet. Shrunken slave tries to clean Sharon's soles, but they are so big for little slave's tongue. Sharon crushes bad tiny slave girl. She begged for mercy in the last seconds of her life. Sharon did not hear slave girl and she did not care. Little tiny slave's body burst like popcorn. Includes slow motion scene of crushing. (HD Version)

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