Dreamgirls In Socks - Krissy's Feet in Your Face - (High Quality Version)

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Cover 2 Krissy's Feet in Your Face - (High Quality Version) - SD/MP4Cover 3 Krissy's Feet in Your Face - (High Quality Version) - SD/MP4Cover 4 Krissy's Feet in Your Face - (High Quality Version) - SD/MP4Screenlist Krissy's Feet in Your Face - (High Quality Version) - SD/MP4
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    Krissy really had fun drinking a few glasses of wine during our sweaty socks challenge, and it was now the time to let you sniff her sweaty white socks, and her smelly naked feet, but I am not exactly sure she was in a good state to do it! That was a very long day with her boots on, and she has been wearing the same pair of white socks for about a week now, so she takes her boots off to reveal her dirty white socks! The smell was so intense, and so strong, so you’ll have to try to catch a smell, while she is actually just not giving a fuck about it! She rubs her sweaty socks all over your face for a few minutes, but she also lays down on the bed to text with her friend, and really not paying attention to you. Krissy also peels her socks off, to show her sweaty naked feet, but again, you will have to work hard to catch a good smell of her feet! She is rubbing her sweaty feet in your face for sure, but it seems like she is paying a little more attention to her phone. To be really honest, I would probably not recommend you to buy this clip, unless you really have a strong thing for this girl, like I do. This clip is actually boring, but I wanted to release it anyway, since it is what it is. I don’t want to receive any complain about this video. You’ve been warned. It’s not a boring girl for sure, but it’s a boring video.
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