British Bratz - Alpha Male To Slave

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    Do you remember those days when you thought you was a big alpha male, completely in control of your life and no one nor nothing could persuade you?  Well those days are long gone aren’t they.  Admit it, from the moment you first laid eyes on me you were mine.  You never thought that such a young, hot women could totally dominate you, take over your mind and control you completely.  Look where you are now, on your knees looking up at my divine as in admiration waiting patiently for your next order.  You are half the ‘man’ you used to be.   I have this hold over you that you cannot describe, you devoted yourself entirely and wanted nothing nor no one else. Your obsession over powers you, it blinds you and rules you in every way possible in life. I am never off your mind and you cannot get hard for anything else. I own you completely, every single part of you.  You have often looked outside of the world of Femdom but now nothing quite compares. You always return feeling regretful and desperate for your dose of me.  Femdom’s in your veins and it is your life. A life of submission was meant for you, normality does not interest you any longer.  Losing yourself in the world of Femdom feels so right.

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