GoddessTaylorKnight - Clean my Muddy Goddess Feet gals

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    At Fetcon 2017 I decided to have a little contest.. I had so many girls that have been asking to be Taylor's Angels for sooo long... We all know that to become a Taylor's Angel you must go through 3 hazing processes.. So when I came back to my hotel after walking in the muddy wet park my feet were super muddy. I was like WTF I am not cleaning ym feet on my own.. Then a light bulb went off, and I said HEY...Call a couple of the girls over that have been begging to be Taylor's Angels. If they can lick my feet clean, I will allow them to go on to the next hazing process.. So We called Maria & Lizzy over. Not only were they so happy to be there but they REALLY REALLY enjoyed licking every bit of MUD off my feet! Here them moan in excitement and swallow the mud as they beg and beg to become an angel.. And tell mehow much they love my Godddess, perfect feet!! This is a must see for any Taylor Addict, Foot Fetish lover & all around girl worships ultimate goddess lover!!

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