Goddess Angel - Cult of Angelism

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    Belonging is a common desire. You want to belong, belong to me, belong to my cult of devoted, loyal slaves, belong to something greater than what you can comprehend… Surely there’s a reason I have acquired men all over the world, happily following my orders, letting me guide them into the proper state of total and complete servitude… There must be something about me that has completely dismantled the willpower and internal strength of all types of men everywhere. Something that has compelled these slaves to fall into a deep entrancement, a reoccurring web of desire, need, the need to serve…. Dip your toes into the water, worship Goddess, take her words into consideration if you haven’t already, truly let yourself focus on the verbal masterpiece of this clip and feel yourself slip away slowly… Become one of Goddess Angel’s toys, become someone who simply belongs…

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