Real Bare Soles - Blonde actress running her lines, complete

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    This is the complete segment. This very pretty, tall bonde actress had her flip flops off and her size 10 feet propped up on a chair as she relaxed in the park on a gorgeous, mostly sunny, breezy day and ran lines, particularly a scene in which she was chewing someone out. I sat at her feet and tried to get the right angle so that her soles were as visible as possible, because the seat back was in the way a little. I did the best I could and for the next half hour I shot footage of this lovely young woman as she flexed and rubbed together her big, shapely feet, pointing her toes, scrunching now and then, and occasionally peeking down at me with a lingering, curious glance. I think a beautiful girl like this (she was a curvier blonde version of Angelina Jolie in my opinion) is used to getting lots of admiration from men and takes it in stride. She seems to have been a bit amused that this time the admiration was for her big feet, perhaps a new variaion for her! This is a very long segment and it will take a long time to download. I edited a bit out of the beginning but then, after she had a phone call (she is obviously a very charming young woman) she put her feet in such a magical pose for me that I literally could not bring myself to cut anything else out. So what I did was break it into four parts for people who don't want to deal with a huge download or the expense. It's just cut into four parts about six minutes long each, an arbitrary dividing point. I shot this in 2005 and as you all know, with the passage of time men often get bored with things that first excited them, so often I am less electrified by older segments because I've seen them so often. But THIS one ... this one is as eye-popping to me the 1,000th time I've seen it as it was that first time I got home and reviewed the footage and then picked my jaw up off the floor. It was very breezy that day and her script blew off the the desk chair she was sitting in twice. The second time it blew off, about a half hour into the segment, she got up and fetched it and then did not put her feet back on the seat. One of the innumerable adorable mannerisms she has is, when she was getting really into being bitchy and angry in her read-through, her big feet got very active and dancy. I often wonder what happened to this woman whose image I have adored for these past years -- I hope her career is going well and she is happy. She was wearing a wedding ring, oh you lucky lucky guy....

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