Destinationkat - My New Kitten

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    I get home from a long day and it's time to relax. I lay on the couch, but notice a couple pieces of paper. Is this your diary perhaps? I begin to read it, in this entry you've confessed that you're overly into me, and you include all the things you'd like to do to me. However, you also mention that you feel inadequate... you're not very gifted when it comes to what's in your pants.I decide to invite you over to have sex... however... that's not exactly what we'll be doing.You open your eyes to discover that you've been tied up by the person you desire most. Don't worry, I have fun plans!I go through each of the items I've brought with me which include: bar gag, chastity cage, panties, cat tail plug, butt plug, cat ears, cat collar, crop, and a strap on.I also tease you with my feet in your face, and dress you up to look like a cute kitten!Also includes: SPH, general humiliation, crazy ex gf vibes (lol), punishing, etc.

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