Real Bare Soles - Exotic 8s!

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    Friday evening on the lawn and this absolutely ravishing creature was enjoying the balmy weather, her size 8 pumps on the grass below her, creamy leather shoe soles contrasting with the number 8 printed on. Considering that absolutely NOTHING ELSE was happening on the entire lawn this particular evening, I considered this a gift from the gods.
    Ok let’s cut to the chase: She has across-the-board IN ... CREDIBLE feet. Look at her arches FFS!!! Cleopatra didn’t have arches that steep. We’re talking ski slope. She gave me some side eye when she saw what I was up to but also at other times just looked straight down into the camera with her eyes smiling.
    She had her feet up and down over the time I shot her, and actually on two of those occasions I thought she was gone for good, because she put her feet down and slipped them loosely into her pumps (by the way, for the Europeans out there, pumps means high heels, not flats). I assumed that meant she was about to jam her poor tender tootsies back into her sexy shoes and slink off, but NOPE! On both occasions she put her feet back up on the chair, crossed her ankles, and gave me some side eye again, lol. I edited the clip so there isn’t any interruption to the sole display you’re enjoying.) She had nice moderate foot play, especially when she spoke on the phone.
    She just goes to show you how wrong you can be about a girl just by looking at her. To me her face had a wide eyed midwestern girl look to it, but later when I got home and listened to a phone convo she was having, she’s speaking a Slavic language. So she’s not an ingenue, she’s an exotic Russian or Ukrainian or Pole! Anyway, AMAZING experience!

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