Real Bare Soles - Nerdy but beautiful grad student

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    This was rescued from a memory card with a few other clips I shot in the spring of 2018. This is actually the first thing I shot all year, because I mistakenly thought the lawn was open. It wasn't, but I did a circle around the park and the library and saw this girl sitting outside the library, her feet up as she worked on her laptop. I walked over from behind and it seemed pretty clear she was doing some fairly sophisticated course work, and when I sat down and casually glanced over her way, I saw she was in her early 20s, so I assume she was a grad student. She has an awesome look I LOVE -- that serious, nerdy scholar look. I really, REALLY love seeing the bare soles of a girl like that, and HERE THEY WERE. She has The naturally beautiful without makeup look, and the strongly German facial features, led me to suspect she's from the Midwest, and her behavior when she caught me shooting just confirmed that opinion in my head!
    This was the first time I had shot in literally seven months, and usually I am rusty and a bit nervous when shooting season starts, and this was no exception. I began shooting and carefully watched her facial features to see if she would get up and start yelling at me. Man did I hope not, because fuck me the sight in my viewfinder was just STAGGERINGLY SENSUAL -- what a contrast between the pert, quietly lovely wallflower in modest glasses and these long, curly soft, sensual and vulnerable bare soles, HOLY COW. My guess is a shoe-size just south of double digits, maybe 9 or 9.5.
    So as I filled my viewfinder with her naked foot bottoms, I nervously kept tabs on her eyes, and it was really hard to tell what she was looking at, especially in the little rectangle of the viewfinder, because she seemed to be looking at the top of her laptop screen, but was she looking at me over the lip of the screen? At the time I could not tell, but looking at the tape now, it seems clearly yes. But she left her feet up -- it would have been so easy for her to shut it down, but she didn't -- in fact she left her bare soles up there pointed straight at my camera lens for almost an hour! By the time I was done shooting my hands and back were aching, because it takes some effort to sit just right and hold the camcorder straight. But I wasn't about to miss one second of this amazing sight!
    Now she DID absolutely let me know on several occasions she was hip to my shenanigans ... by kind of elaborately "noticing" the camera and rolling her eyes! LOL, but then both before that and after it she would slip the camera sly little peeks and then go back to her work. In fact before she left she decided she would let me know in no uncertain terms that she was aware that I was shooting her soles! Her play acting is so cute and funny! At the time, just looking at the viewfinder, I didn't realize it was playacting, and I panicked a little, thinking she was going to come over and chew me out or worse, but she just put her Uggs back on, gathered her stuff up, and sauntered off the plaza, about five ten I would estimate. Legs for days....

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