Stella Liberty - Date of Your Nightmares

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    Me, dressed in vanilla clothes, am on a date with you and you ask me what I do for a living. I tell you nothing but the truth, but you just don't get it and think that I'm just being funny: I train sissy sex slaves. Yes, I turn men into sissy servants for gay masters. Yeah, hilarious. Oh, it actually pays very well: Often I'm not just getting paid by the man I deliver the slave to, but also by someone who holds a grudge against the guy I am ? ?converting? ?. Let's take your ex, for instance. You told me about your bad breakup. She's not over you having been an asshole. Then she came to me and suggests that I go on a date with you, slip something in your drinks, turn you into a sissy and record it all on cam and send her the tape. And when you wake up groggily the next morning you will find yourself in My dungeon, body hair removed, dolled up in a sissy outfit with a wig and make-up. I will be towering over you, dressed in leather, with a paddle in my hand, ready to start your training. I will beat any disobedience right out of you and break your holes in with huge strapons. And after that I will bring some males in to get you accustomed to real cocks. And licking man-ass. Oh yeah, you need to learn how to be a really greedy slut. And I am a great teacher. Yes, hilarious. It'll also look great on the video for your ex. Oh yes, you think I am indeed a funny girl. We should go to my place before my laughter and the beverages completely **** you. Ha ha.

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