Ramons Facefull of Feet - Costume Party Pre-Game Smother!

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    Dottie is getting ready to go to Ramon's annual Halloween party. Lulu and Ruin make their entrance with some booze for pre-gaming for the party! Of course they have already been in their cups and are quite tipsy when they arrive at Dottie's place. They play around on the bed and everyone is having a great time, until Dottie falls over and Lulu and Ruin sit right on TOP of her! They are so inebriated, they don't realize that they are smothering their friend with their butts! Well at FIRST, they don't realize it. After a bit they figure it out....but they keep smothering anyway! Then they decide to use their feet to smother her with them! Lulu using her red socked feet and Ruin her bare feet. It's a smotherpalooza and they haven't even gotten to the party yet!

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