IvyStarshyne - Analyzing Your Perversions

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    Let's talk about some of the issues you have here. Your "fantasies". You do have quite a lot, and many of them are about women during the day - them just walking around. You're experiencing these OBSESSIONS with women who have long legs, dangling shoes, dirty soles, soft skin... You seem very concerned. It's important we break this down, figure out where it all stemmed from. I'm going to ask you some questions about your childhood. What prompted this? Your Mother perhaps? Girls are school? Ooh... a teacher. Watching her legs hop up and down, legs crossing... uncrossing... shoes dangling as she looks up at you. What if that teacher had taken it further? What if she had stretched her legs out and pressed her shoe against your pants? Then pressed... more... and more... Maybe this isn't some cute little foot and shoe fetish. Maybe this goes beyond that. If you are excited from hearing about this painful thought, we need to really work on it. Pain should not equate to pleasure. You will realize this through some tasks you'll be given, some homework. We will be able to really analyze this... figure out what it is... you're getting... out of all... of... this

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