Ceara Lynch - Humiliated Roommate

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    Finding a new roommate is a nightmare waiting to happen. You never know what sort of twisted perverted psycho freak will end up sleeping under the same roof. I unfortunately had to settle with some dweeby nerd that talks about the geekiest shit. I just tune that loser out whenever we are in the same room, except when I couldnt help noticing him hiding his boner when I came into the living room after fucking a really hot guy. I figure its time to take this opportunity to lay down some ground rules for the house. Youre allowed to touch yourself to me, I know you cant help yourself, but dont make a mess on my sofa. Lets face it, youll never be one of those sexy hunks that get to fuck me, but as my roommate you get the pleasure of watching me tease you before and after sex. And, for the reward of jerking it to your hot roommates perfect body, you will be paying my half of the rent.