Reality Girls Scissors - Nikki Next's Choke Pet: 1080 HD

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    Nikki Next tells us, a choke chain attached to a choke collar around her sub Scarlett's neck, how to train a pet. She tells Scar to get down on her hands and knees, drawing the thick metal collar tight around her neck. She sits on her pet and tells us you have to ease pets into punishment, then leads Scarlett on the chain around the room, praising her for successfully crawling on her hands and knees after her master. Nikki laughs and draws the chain up. "Lay down," she says and says her pet's reward is licking her feet, which she forces the lean girl to do. Scarlett worships at the feet of the 20-year-old print model, sucking her toes. Nikki asks if she brought her bowl and tells her toes "are the only supper you're gonna eat." Scar loves Nikki's perfect feet and sucks on them as her master smiles and reclines on the bed biting her lip as she loves her feet worshipped and humiliating and hurting Scarlett. She yawns as Scar sucks her toes hard, further humiliating the girl, keeping the choke chain ready to pull if Scar stops serving her. Nikki stands and says she likes metal collars, pulling up on her neck and showing her fraying skin. She pulls her up, suspending her, then letting her breathe. Scar loves the feeling and loves the pristine Nikki Next above her with her existence in her hands. She gives her more of her neck and Nikki smiles pulling up on the collar, weaving it around her hand. Nikki smiles at Scarlett's man in the corner as she pulls up on his girl's windpipe. She has no shame. "How much you want her to breathe?" she whispers to him off camera, but audible, before ordering Scar to bark and to "keep barking," pointing out her bark is getting hoarse as she keeps the pressure on the choke collar, twisting it around her neck, making her bow at her feet, walking on her pet's back in a full-weight stand, pushing her face into the bed as she moans in pain with Nikki's foot pressing down on her. Time: 13:52

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