NewMFX Foot Fetish in Brazil - Foot cake

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    Saori and Hisak are celebrating her birthday! Hisak prepared a very special surprise with her favorites cakes. But a person invaded their place! He found his way inside the house and scares the happy couple with a very aggressive attitude and punching and slapping them. They don’t know yet, but the invader has a very special plan for both of them. He makes them take off his shoes and then smell the shoes and his feet. Then he finally will do what he had in mind. He takes the cakes that Hisak bought to Saori and rubs his feet all over it, smashing the whole cake. After that, the grabs Saori and Hisak by the head and put his foot deep in their mouth making them eat the cake from his fingers. They lick his sole and between every finger, and suck his feet against their will. But the bad man doesn’t let them stop until both cakes are over.