Ceara Lynch - Piss Yourself

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    This is a special task for all you sick fucks who will do anything to make me laugh. Be sure to watch this clip after drinking a LOT of beer. I want your bladder full and your mind stupid (more so than usual, that is.) You are going to stand in front of me in your nicest pair of pants with a pair of panties underneath and beg me to allow you to piss yourself. Yeah that's right. Show me how pathetic you can be. Beg me using a little girl voice. Beg me like a squealing pig. Beg me as you do the truffle shuffle. Amuse me like your life depends on it. Once I'm satisfied, you're going to release your bladder and let it soak as I berate and humiliate you for being so disgusting. You'll pull down your pants to show me your piss soaked panties and then thank me for the privilege. For the rest of the day you have to wear these clothes and I expect you to go out in public.