Empress Jennifer - youre not wearing that

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    The female body is to be worshiped; respected and protected. MEN DON'T DESERVE WOMEN. Any bit of a woman that a man gets even a glimpse of, is to be worshiped. When a man is dry of a woman, he loses himself. Forgets his purpose, loses aim of what his ultimate goals were... and he turns into a piece of . Men do destructive things, especially self-destructive things. And then, walk around earth desperately trying to engage with women (of all sorts: because he's so desperate) throwing their piece of self at them. Well, some women are smart. Some women know their power and will ON YOU. Will put you in your place and make sure you know you're a loser and you'll never be enough. Unless you worship the female. And by enough, I mean, enough to be what you are. A male. A male which is to take direction from the one who knows how to make this work. The one who can see right through you.. Mommy knows everything