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Cover 2 SIBYLLA - 'Subhuman' - Female Domination FULL MOVIE (5 PARTS) - SD/WMVCover 3 SIBYLLA - 'Subhuman' - Female Domination FULL MOVIE (5 PARTS) - SD/WMVCover 4 SIBYLLA - 'Subhuman' - Female Domination FULL MOVIE (5 PARTS) - SD/WMVScreenlist SIBYLLA - 'Subhuman' - Female Domination FULL MOVIE (5 PARTS) - SD/WMV

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    Curvy and exotic Mistress Sibylla has a specific opinion for her houseslave. He is a subhuman. He is there just to bring her money, to keep her house tidy and clean and to serve her in many ways. But when Sibylla is there, he is not allowed to look at her, she is too beautiful for his subhumanic eyes! So he has to wear a mask with just a whole on the place where is the mouth to let him breath while Sibylla pleases her sadistic desires!PART1: EXTREME Shoegagging And DominationSibylla looks gorgeous in her leather outfit and sexy stiletto high heels. She calls her slave and commands him to lick her shoes clean. The slave extends his tongue as Sibylla rubs hard the soles of her shoes on it to clean, or she fucks his mouth hard with the heels to shine them. She puts her pointy shoe into his mouth and shoegag him hard! She commands him to keep licking and kissing her shoes, until her shoe is deep into his mouth again, fucking it and gagging him!PART2: EXTREME FootgaggingSibylla is in a sadistic extacy, she removes her high heels and put her foot down the throat of her slave! She fucks his mouth hard gagging him and he cannot even breath, as his nose is blocked from the mask! When Sibylla doesn't footgag hard her slave, she footsmothers him pressing her foot on his face or abuses it underfoot. She presses his head down with one foot and gags him with the other, or she fucks his mouth with both her feet!PART3: HANDGAGGING and Hand DominationAfter the footgagging the slave is already breathing heavily, but Sibylla cannot stop! She gags him hard with her sexy hands, fucking his mouth hard with them! She smothers him with her hands and feet and she handgags him more with both hands together or with one hand and one foot into his mouth!PART4: HARD Facesitting In Leather DressGoddess Sibylla has the PERFECT round as ever! In her leather skirt looks so fantastic, but the poor slave cannot look at it and not only this, Sibylla's ass is going to make him suffer! She sits hard on his face, smothering him and she presses or rubs her sexy ass on it. When she changes positions she handgags him some more and she sits full weight on him! Sibylla is bored from his moaning and struggling to breath, and she kicks him on the floor and commands him to start worshipping her feet!PART5: Footsmothering And DominationSibylla dominates the slave under her feet some more and runs her soles on his tongue. She gags him some more with her hands and feet and she starts to footsmother him, covering his face under her feet and leaving him no chance to take some oxygen! Sibylla enjoys the breath control and she keeps smothering him with her feet, until she gets bored and she uses him as her footstool to think how to abuse him more!

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