Under Sweet Weight - Vicky

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    Vicky is 19 y.o. real life sadistic bitch with sexy size 9 US (40 EU) feet. She is 6'0'' (182 cm) tall and weighs 121 lbs (55 kg). Vicky found a little men on a floor. He is lying on the back and wants Vicky to step on him and crush him flat. He is very pathetic and she agreed to make his request. Vicky decided to make him licking her dirty shoes and sweaty bare soles. If little man will be licking good Vicky will crush him quick and painless. But he made a bad job and now angry goddess will be crushing him very slowly and painfully as she can undernath her huge bare sole. (English subtitles. Sound SFX. A lots of talk. Full HD 1920x1080).