Real Bare Soles - African princess

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    Many of the clips I capture usually start with my description of how badly I'd been doing at capturing footage up until then, lol, but this one was caught toward the end of a real winning streak. I had shot three nice long segments in the past 48 hours (!!!) and I was about the leave the park for a social engagement, but I thought, "No big deal, self, just leave! You've done fine these past two days. But maybe just give the lawn one more look before you go." So I went up to the library terrace and scanned around and right away I saw a set of creamy soles and above them a big mane of black hair, and I headed straight over there, trying to remember how much space I had on my memory card. As it turned out, I had plenty.And as it also turned out, as I got closer to the girl, I literally could not believe my eyes.I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say that this is arguably the most beautiful girl I've ever shot. Her face is just impeccably gorgeous. She also had a rocking little body on her. And as I looked over her bare soles, I saw that these were not any less gorgeous than the rest of her. Other than two very mild, subtle little pressure calluses on the end of the balls of her feet, they were perfect, soft and shapely, about size 8 I'd say. And they were ACTIVE. As she was texting her feet wriggled all around as she frowned or laughed at what she read. (I also noticed that she nodded or when she read a text she agreed with, or shook her head when she disagreed, which is SO FUCKING ADORABLE!) Her features looked very African, like women I've known or worked with from West Africa, rather than African American. I thought of her immediately as an African princess and I still do.So being me, I sat down with her to my left side, put my camcorder on my leg, got her in my viewfinder, zoomed in, and pressed record. She watched me do all of this, but by the time I hit record she went back to her screen, and for a while pointedly avoided looking at me, maybe thinking I was going to shoot a few seconds and then scurry off. But that's not me! As long as the soles are out, so am I -- and as she seemed to realize that, she did this thing where she "noticed" me shooting and crooked her head to look down into the camera. Maybe she thought that would make me run off, but no, you have to basically shoot me or set me on fire for that when I've got beautiful soles in my viewfinder. lol So I kept shooting and based on her laughing and lively discussion in her text messaging I guessed the audacious man filming the bare bottoms of her feet was the subject of some animated discussion! She doesn't seem to have taken my photo with her phone though. The whole time those gorgeous soft feet of hers kept up their sexy dance.Several times guys came right over close and I was wondering if someone was going to hit on her, because beautiful girls have to fight guys off constantly! But I was grateful that it didn't happen. One guy came pretty close and just stood there for a few seconds staring at her bare soles, then walked past her. I was glad nothing happened. Eventually the African princess had to go to some event for her kingdom, lol, and off she went, but I was basically numb with excitement after having caught over TWENTY MINUTES of her, including her adorable peeks. This is one of those rare segments that I'll just pause it and look at her face. Not even her soles, just her face. She's just way beyond perfection.