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    It was August and I was about to go away on vacation and I was feeling pretty happy, not caring that much whether I got any footage or not, and I've noticed that's when I get the most and the best footage. This was no exception, because I showed up at the park really just wanting to enjoy the weather and the sights and if I got a clip, so much the better, and BAM there they were, a pair of girls sitting with their feet up on chairs, but facing each other, so their feet pointed in opposite directions. Neither had shoes on. I had to choose where I would sit first, so I took a closer look.The girl whose face and soles I could see left me no doubt that I was sitting first in front of her. She has a truly gorgeous face and as I got closer I saw some unusual and extreme tats -- including, as I sat down, one under her chin! It said the same thing her shirt said -- "babygirl", and that's how I've thought of her ever since. Yes she was a beauty and a fierce one at that, but what really got me in front of her first were her MINDBLOWINGLY GORGEOUS SOLES. Long and slender, tapered toes, high arches, immaculately soft and tender looking as if they'd never been walked on before, and with black polish. Feet this gorgeous made it a foregone conclusion! And although she was smiling and laughing and happily chatting with her friend, her flawless sexy feet were writhing and squirming around like she was in the throes of passion! The big test was passed immediately -- the camera came out, I could hear a lull in conversation, the camera was pointed at her soles, but then, after a second or two, the conversation picked up again. In my viewfinder there was a pair of naked soles and a happy chatting girl. I zoomed in closer and closer and eventually I filled my viewfinder with her ferocity of Babygirl's look and the alluring contrast of the vulnerability of her bare soles.And that's the way it stayed for over 20 minutes! I try to edit these things down to about 10 minutes and I spent a LOT of time doing that with this one, but there was footage I just could not leave it -- so much of it is so good, that this clip is a bit longer than usual. Ankles crossed, feet flexing and squirming, feet side by side, feet sensuously rubbing together, this has it all! She does this one thing in particular that drives me completely crazy -- with her ankles crossed she turns her top foot sideways and makes her foot stretch as long as she can, so you can see her black polish. That ME. I could see that, every once in a while, she would very quickly cast her glance past the camera lens, but then just as quickly look away. But then, at the end, I saw her look straight down quite clearly at the camera -- several times -- and then with a sly smile she pointed me out to her friend, and they laughed and she put her feet down. My theory is that she wanted to joke with this to her friend but didn't want to keep her feet down after she did, so she "noticed" my taping after I got lots and lots of amazing sexy sole footage. This was my sense too when I was sitting there on the lawn -- she looked because the show was over -- so I packed up to leave. As I walked away, I noticed that Babygirl's friend had her eye on my as well with a quizzical smile on her face and her own bare soles very much out and on display. I assessed the situation for a second or so, but then headed back over there ....