Young Goddess Kim - Foot Worship on the beach

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    Follow Me as I walk barefoot on the beach, following My footprints in the sand. I find a spot to sit on the shore and order you to kneel in front of Me as I lay back and tease you with My bare feet, scrunching them in the sand. Stare at My feet and pray to them, look at My sandy wriggling toes. you're begging to kiss them. Lick My feet clean, suck each toe, slowly slave. In between each precious toe.. On your knees before Me, using your mouth to worship every inch of My feet. you like that, don't you slave. I want you to lick from My soles up My feet all the way to My toes. After you clean My sandy feet I get up and slowly walk to the water, dipping My feet in the crystal clear, sparkling sea and let the soft waves wash over them, you still on your knees before Me. Teasing you with all angles of My dripping feet one by one until you're begging to have the honour of worshiping them again. This time I lay back on the sand on My stomach with the backs of My feet in your face, I let you splash the sand off with water and order you to worship My smooth heels and wrinkled soles as I scrunch My toes. The tide comes up softly and reaches My feet, I lift them in and out of the water and you lick and suck the dripping water off My toes. Such a lucky foot slave. I still haven't had enough of you, I am really enjoying My feet being worshipped, I turn back around, scrunching My feet and toes into the sand again making you lick until they are clean and dry. After My foot worship on the beach, I lead you off and with each step you kiss My feet, following Goddess' footprints off the beach. BECOME MY FOOT SLAVE ON THE BEACH