Young Goddess Kim - Underneath Goddess Kim

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    This morning, your Goddess is draped on the bed, I bet your mind is filled with exciting ways I could use you today. My pantyhose clad legs stretched out, My bright red PVC very mini dress hugging My body tightly, and My black shiny gloved hands controlling your every move. I have one slave cramped in the corner and you, the other slave knelt at the end of My bed. One by one I command you to bow to Me at greet Me properly, with great honour and admiration you kiss My soles. you are lost in deep surrender to Me and slowly by allowing you to gradually worship, lick and polish My sexy stilettos more and more, you on the left foot and the other slave on the right foot, I condition your minds in acceptance and desire to take it further, to turn you into My carpets. you do so want to please Me, no matter if it causes you pain and suffering. And it thrills Me to see how helpless you are when I stand full weight on you, My heels digging in to you. I feel great pleasure seeing you beneath Me, your body, filling up with My heel imprints, the holes, the bruises. Flattening your cock and balls under My soles, watching you squirm and shiver. The thought of My heel piercing right through you makes Me very excited. Would you take the pain for your Goddess? No matter, you're just a carpet, no more noises from you rug!