Young Goddess Kim - Goddess Kim Pool Service

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    It's a beautiful summers day, perfect to relax by the pool and tan My legs under the warm sun. I step outside and slowly walk to recline on the pool lounger, My gorgeous gold stiletto sandals click on the ground I walk and shine brilliantly in the sun as I lay back with My legs stretched out. After a few minutes I begin to feel too warm and summon the pool side servant to fan Me as I order and serve Me a drink as I relax. To make the slave more useful, I put him to work worshipping Me in My stilettos. I make him lick them clean and polish them spotlessly with his tongue. he is very privileged to lick the tops of My sexy strappy sandals and kiss my feet with devotion. I order slave to lick My soles clean, dirty from a night out, walking through dirt slave is unworthy of. slave Bows to Goddess in total reverance and devotion, honored to live his life pleasing Me. Varying angles of worship. I noticed this useless pathetic excuse for a servant had not fulfilled a certain duty, punishment to follow.