Young Goddess Kim - The Glimmer Goddess

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    It is time to surrender to Me. you want to. Give in to My glimmering legs as I dangle them in your face. Focus on My smooth seductive voice as I guide your senses and stimulate your arousal. My crystal legs are magic and you fall so deep under My spell. your eyes fixate and follow My sultry shiny curves, your cock twitches. Don't think....Just feel. Feel that cock, stroke it. It feels so good to stroke under My spell. My voice is like a vice grip on the edge of your release, I control your orgasm. you will cum on one. you will cum and explode in deep arousal and mindless ecstasy. Good boy, give it up for Me.
    Includes: Mesmerize, Legs Fetish, Femdom, Cum Countdown, JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Orgasm Control, Magic Control, Mind Control, Fishnets, Crossed Legs Fetish, Shiny Fetish