Young Goddess Kim - Multi-purpose ashtray

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    I enjoy using male objects in many degrading ways to keep them in their place. The object is tied naked to the deck chair in order to be used as My cushion when I relax outside. It hasn't been blessed with My presence for hours, so when it finally hears the sound of My high heel footsteps approaching it is overwhelmed with terror and excitement, becoming even more aware of the ties around its wrists. It's whole body will be used and abused for My pleasure, starting with its pathetic face. Using its mouth as My ashtray amuses Me, but after allowing it to eat My first cigarette I am bored of its face. So I sit on it, allow it to kiss My leather ass and struggle to breathe beneath Me as I cover its face with My leather ass. I am annoyed with its useless dick and balls at the end of My neon stilettos, I light up another Smoke. I show the object that its dick and balls do have some use after all - it is amusing to keep its mouth shut with My leather ass as I spit on it and use its dick and balls as My new ashtray, finishing it off with crus**** its ashy dick and burnt balls under My superior sole which it will gratefully lick clean. Includes: Female Domination, Human ashtray, Femdom, Ass Smothering, Face Sitting, Leather Fetish, Stilettos, Sole Licking, CBT, Humiliation, Human Furniture, Verbal Humiliation, Spitting, Objectification,, high Heel Domination