Umiliati & Offesi - The feet of the beautiful tipsy

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    Kelevra would wear Capri pants tucked into her boots, extremely high heel boots, pull on type, no zippers. Ankle socks, maybe mismatched. Painted toes, with two toe rings on each foot. The name of the clip could be drunken roommate. Kelevra comes in the house,tipsy off her ass,staggers around, tripping, trying to keep her balence. Kelevra falls down on her belly on the floor as she passes out. Nina enters the house, sees her roommate on the floor. Nina checked her to see if she is ok. Nina helps her up and try's to walk her to the bedroom. ( it would be cool if Nina carried Kelevra over her shoulder to the bedroom ). Flops Kelevra on the bed on her belly with her feet hanging off the bed. Kelevra starts to dry heave as Nina comforts her friend. As Kelevra passes out, Nina decides to let her sleep it off. Nina gets a little turned on over her limp friend as she slides her hand down Kelevra's body. Nina comments as she feels up Kelevra's boots about how sexy they are. Nina picks up Kelevra's foot to get a closer look at her boots, then drops her limp foot. Nina tells her friend that she is going to take care of her, make her more comfortable by removing her boots. And being Kelevra is busy sleeping, that she wouldn't mind if Nina borrowed her sexy boots for the night. Kelevra still passed out, Nina still talking out loud, says what Kelevra, I can borrow your boots, your such a good friend. ( now this is where it gets difficult, before the shoot, have Kelevra put her socks on only half way, so when her boots get pulled off it looks like her boots pulled her socks off ). Nina grabs Kelevra's right foot she struggles to pull her boot off, she comments on how tight her boots are on her feet. Nina finally gets her boot off as she sees Kelevra's foot with her sock half off. This turns Nina on even more. She picks up Kelevra's foot to get a closer look, commenting on how cute her socks are. Nina sticks her finger in Kelevra's sock and starts to work her sock off her foot. As Kelevra's sock dangles from her toes, Nina completely turned on, tells Kelevra that her sock is falling off, as her sock falls off her foot. Nina sniffs Kelevra's foot and comments on how her feet smell like her leather boots. Nina starts to lick Kelevra's toes and comments on how her feet taste like leather. Nina begins to worship Kelevra's foot, licking her sole, nibbling on her heel, sucking her toes. Just then Kelevra begins to wake up, as she does, she thinks she is dreaming. Nina stops as Kelevra rolls over on her back with her legs crossed. Kelevra mumbles don't stop before passing out again. Nina uncrosses Kelevra's legs, and goes for Kelevra's other boot. Nina tugs at her boot, trying to get it off. Kelevra's other boot finally comes off with her sock barely hanging on her toes. Nina sniffs her socked foot again and removes Kelevra's sock with her teeth. Seeing Kelevra's both bare feet with her painted toes, and sexy toe rings, Nina cannot control herself. She worships Kelevra's feet one at a time, dripping her saliva over her toes. With all the foot worship, Kelevra starts to give off faint moans, keeping Nina turned on.Nina ends up sucking Kelevra's toe rings off her toes, then moving back to her other foot to remove Kelevra's other toe rings. Nina keeps Kelevra's feet dripping wet with her salvia. In the end, Nina gets up, goes to Kelevra's closet, brings back a pair of super high heels. Nina drips her salvia over Kelevra's toes on one foot until her salvia is dripping off her heel, then she hangs one shoe off the tips of her toes on her dripping foot, to let her know that she was there when she wakes up. Nina gets up grabs Kelevra's boots, thanks her for letting her borrow her boots, and leaves Kelevra to sleep it off. Sorry so detailed, I wanted you to get the idea. If there is anything I left out, by all means do so. The clip should be at least 10-15 minutes long. If either model is offended by the script and doesn't want to do it, you may use different models.