Scarlet Vice - You'Re Fucked

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    Tom won't get foot gagged by Scarlet Vice, though she 18, pristine and perfect, he doesn't care. So it's Fat Fuck Foot Taker with almost no gag reflex and almost as much desire to get on his knees and turn off his brain while a foot opens up his throat. Tom's refusal has him at the camera and the fat boy on his knees before one of the hottest girls in this thing, lean now, living far from the sunshine state, just as mean and adorable. She abuses this Raccoon Face, telling him "Lean into it." Amazed at how far he can swallow her foot she wonders how she can hurt him worse, though he is suffering far more than she knows. Face smothers with her feet, she pinches his nose and gags him taking all his wind away, putting her finger to her lips as the pan-faced fuck begins to howl whatever howl can happen with a foot in your throat, expanding it in ways it clearly should not be. "You're fucked," she tells him. Yeah. Jackhammer foot gags from above him on the couch, her big arch driving into his throat, and he gags. But it's not over. She wants him in more pain and Scarlet Vice, the 18-year-old wonder, gets whatever she wants here.