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    You just got back home from work, a tremendous day, and you're really tired. You sit on the couch and her feet on the couch. Your poor feet make you a tremendous wrong and would do anything for a nice massage, but who would ever be willing to do that considering how are sweaty and that must smell? But then you remember that a few days ago, talking to your little brother of this and that, he escaped to tell who is a foot fetishist. And that actually your are really beautiful. So you decide to try to see if you can take advantage of it. Call it, explain the situation and he agrees without thinking twice. So let him take off your shoes and massage your feet. You realize, though, that he also tries to massage them rather than just sniffing them without being noticed. Unnecessarily, since you noticed it instantly.Then ask him if he likes the smell and that can even smell them openly, as a thank you the massage that you are doing. He sniffs them entranced and also starts to kiss them. The thing is somewhat awkward, but given how it seems like you let him do it. And indeed, given how it seems like it tell him to forget about the massage, which focuses on worship.After a while you get an idea, the offer to become your personal slave in return for the honor to worship your feet every day. Needless to say, he, entranced, accepts, while asking permission to lick the feet. Initially, you say no, they first must prove by worshiping you deserve your feet with even more passion, but towards the end of the video (for a couple of minutes remaining) decide that was good enough to deserve an award. Let him then to lick feet and eventually orders to go prepare a hot bath.