Mia Martinez - Mom's Not Home

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    Your stepdaughter Mia Martinez just got back from a run and she's worked up a huge sweat. She knows how much you love to smell her sweaty feet so she offers them to you since mom's not home. You're a little hesitant, but you quickly conquer that once you get the first sweet whiff. She pulls off one shoe at a time so you can bury your face in the sole and get the full invigorating affect of her strong natural scent. Mia is such a tease and she loves to see how she can encourage you to let your nasty out. She turns around and sticks her sweaty bottom in your face and invites you to enjoy. She can see the bulging evidence of your excitement in your pants so she tells you to pull it out and stroke. Sexy Mia is so excited to watch you jack it to her feminine smells. She talks you through it, telling you she wants to see your huge load and encouraging you to pop for your little girl. Doesn't it make you feel good to see your daughter so happy?